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Save thousands!  Click on the selection(s) that interest you to learn more about these deeply discounted homes.  These are all new homes with new home warranties.   Hurry--when they're gone, they're gone!

Current Listing:


Brainerd 18 - 8390 - Iseman Anniversary Special   More Details


Chillicothe 54-1246-650-Davidson   More Details
Chillicothe 54-7774-685 Hayden   More Details


City not determined 37-108211-1220-100th Anniversary Home    More Details
Helena 37-34645-Fleetwood Homes of Idaho    More Details

North Dakota

Minot 17-381414-129 Rutherford   More Details
Minot 17-381441-150 American Homestead   More Details
Minot 17- 3049-160 Highland HSS736A   More Details
Minot 17-Web Special-100 100th Anniversary Home   More Details
Minot 17-100 Anniversary Home-7630-533-101   More Details


Kearney 71-7547-701   More Details

South Dakota

Rapid City 24-107551-273 Anniversary Home    More Details
Rapid City 24-2672-280 16x80 Highland Foundation 1676-1   More Details
Rapid City Anniversary Home 2020   More Details
Sioux Falls 22-1905-1556-3-Northstar Roanoke Modular 42x56   More Details
Sioux Falls 22-3057-9-Highland RVH 16x76   More Details
Sioux Falls 22-6-100TH ANNIVERSARY HOME!! 30x76   More Details
Sioux Falls 22-2635-7-Highland Catena 28x56   More Details
Sioux Falls 22-107543-5-100TH ANNIVERSARY HOME!! 28x56   More Details
Sioux Falls 22-601381-21-Redman Foundation 905 16x66    More Details


Gillette 34-0000-430 Hart Farmstead 16x80   More Details
Gillette 34-2995-431 Highland 16x80   More Details
Gillette 34-34728-460 Fleetwood Waverly Crest   More Details
Gillette 34-2815-462 Highland HSH 543L 28x54   More Details
Gillette 34-0000-450 Anniversary SALE Special   More Details
Gillette 34-808747-432 Redman 16x70   More Details
Gillette 34-2872-499 LAND HOME PACKAGE   More Details

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Iseman Homes is one of the nation’s leaders in manufactured home sales with offices in seven states. Founded in 1920, Iseman was an industry pioneer in bringing the benefits of manufactured homes to market. For more information please navigate to your nearest Iseman Sales Center, or email us now!


Whether you are just starting, or looking for a change, joining the Iseman family might be for you.  Job opportunities exist for both SALES or SERVICE.  Click here to send information and resume'