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We deliver and setup all homes 12 months out of the year!!  



You can either call ahead to schedule an appointment, or just stop in!  Either way, Shane Bartels is always happy to help you find your new home! 

Directions:  4733 N. Cliff Ave - just south of I-90 (1/2 block south of McDonalds)


Sales Center Hours:

MONDAY - THURSDAY             9:00 am – 6:00 pm

FRIDAY                                      9:00 am – 5:30 pm

SATURDAY                                9:00 am – 4:00 pm



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Our phone number is: 605-336-3276 Email: info@isemanhomes.com



Current Listings (Click image to see more details):

  Make/Model Bd Bath SqFt Width Length
Highland / Estates 3264-3A 3 2.0 2048 32 64
22-2140-2 32x64 Highland Estates IRC 3264-3A
Highland / Prairie View 3276-36-IRC 3 2.0 2280 32 76
22-001840-3 32x76 Highland Prairie View IRC 3276-36
Redman / Advantage Apex 2864-233 3 2.0 1680 28 60
22-703606-20 28x64 Redman Advantage Apex IRC 2864-233
Clayton / Ward 6828-9006-1 4 2.0 1836 28 72
22-379389-25 28x72 Clayton Ward 6828-9006-1
Highland / Walnut Creek 1676-30 3 2.0 1140 16 80
22-2231-37 16x80 Highland Walnut Creek 1676-30
Clayton / Freedom F-105 3 2.0 1166 16 80
22-378425-40 16x80 Clayton Freedom F-105
Hart / Fusion 6616-683 3 2.0 1165 16 80
22-105594-50 16x80 Hart Fusion 7616-683
Hart / Pulse 6616-711 3 2.0 1012 16 70
22-105614-55 16x70 Hart Pulse 6616-711
Champion / Colt 4 2.0 1600 28 64
22-853299-70 28x64 Champion Colt
SkyLine / Lexington 3 2.0 1120 28 44
22-300756-75 28x44 SkyLine Lexington



If you are planning to buy a home, and you have been searching for an affordable Manufactured Home in Sioux Falls, SD, Our Sioux Falls, SD Manufactured/ Manufactured Homes would be a great solution for you. Sioux Falls, SD manufactured homes are an affordable quality option. Our selection of Manufactured Homes in Sioux Falls, SD, is second to none.

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Sioux Falls, SD manufactured homes are very convenient for seasonal residence or perfect for retirement.


Iseman Homes has many locations to serve you.

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Iseman Homes is one of the nation’s leaders in manufactured home sales with offices in seven states. Founded in 1920, Iseman was an industry pioneer in bringing the benefits of manufactured homes to market. For more information please navigate to your nearest Iseman Sales Center, or email us now!


Whether you are just starting, or looking for a change, joining the Iseman family might be for you.  Job opportunities exist for both SALES or SERVICE.  Click here to send information and resume'